About Park Avenue


Wrapping gifts for our Project Christmas outreach


Thanks for visiting us! Park Avenue is a Bible-based church of approximately 400 members located in Denison, Texas — about 75 miles north of Dallas. We are part of the churches of Christ whose desire is to restore New Testament Christianity. We have no other creed but the Bible.

We invite you to join us on our spiritual journey. For a taste of what we are about feel free to take a look around our website. If you would like to study the Bible with us we offer a free Bible correspondence course through our branch of World Bible School. Just e-mail us and we’ll mail you the first lesson. If there is any way we can help you, just give us a call or come by and see us.


What to Expect


Preparing a meal – we love to eat!

As a visitor to the Park Avenue Church of Christ we want you to feel welcomed. Your level of participation in our worship service is up to you. When you visit a Sunday morning worship service you can expect to find the following:

Singing – Various songs of praise and encouragement will be lead by a song leader. The song titles and numbers are listed in the order of worship you received as you entered the auditorium. Our singing is congregational and a cappella (without musical instruments.)

Prayer – There will be several prayers lead during the service. Our Shepherd’s prayer, lead by one of our Elders, is a petition for the specific needs and requests of the church.

Preaching – The preacher will talk approximately twenty minutes. He bears no special title and wears no special vestments since the Bible calls all members to the priesthood and considers all to be equal. The preaching will be Bible-centered.


Children during Christian Theater Workshop


Invitation – At the close of the sermon the preacher will extend an invitation to provide the opportunity for anyone in need to publicly respond.

Lord’s Supper – Each Sunday morning we observe this ceremony established by Jesus and practiced by the early church. It is designed to focus our minds on the sacrifice of Christ.

Offering – As our guest, you are not expected to contribute. Feel free to pass the collection plate down the row.