Grace Offering is our annual contribution to support the outreach ministries of Park Avenue Church. 

We are preparing for our Grace Offering on Easter Sunday, April 9th, with a financial goal of $156,100 to fund our outreach ministries locally and globally. We are calling on everyone to give generously, as this represents almost 8 times our regular weekly budget. We commend our Park Avenue family for your generosity. Since initiating the Grace Offering seven years ago, you have contributed over $1,250,000 to our outreach ministries!

With the mortgage on the Family Life Center paid off, we have been able to financially partner with two new mission points in Colombia and Mexico, as well as contribute to a new preaching school in Anahuac, Mexico.

We hope that these outreach efforts will continue to spread the message of Jesus and show God's love and compassion to those around us! 

New Mission Points Give

Ministries Supported by Grace Offering

The generosity of Park Avenue members helps these people, programs, and organizations spread the gospel throughout Texoma and far beyond.

Supporting Missions
This year, we are supporting 2 new familes through this fund, the Galvans in Mexico and the Gonzaleses in Colombia! This also funds Hammer's work in Togo, West Africa, the Jimenez and Corrales's work in Colombia, and more.
Local Assistance
This is used to meet the financial needs of PA members as well as members of our community.
Congregational Mission Trips
This fund helps defray the cost for PA members who participate in congregational mission trips to Casa de la Esperanza, Togo, and other locations.
Community Outreach
This money is used to help fund events like Trunk 'n Treat and Back to Church Sunday that impact our Texoma community. 
College Ministry
Park Avenue members provide social and spiritual events for students at Grayson College here in Denison.
The Turning Point
The Turning Point is an outreach in Durant providing for the spiritual and physical needs of the community. They meet for worship and fellowship on Sunday nights.
Shut-in's/Senior Care
A fund to provide programs and services to our senior members.
Jhon James & Deisy Gonzalez
Suba, Colombia

Jhon James and Deisy began their faith journey in 2013 at a church plant in Suba, Colombia, just outside of the capital, Bogota. After just a few years as active members, they were called to become ministry workers themselves. 

In 2021, they graduated from four years of study at the Baxter Institute in Honduras and returned to Suba to work with the church. The founding members of the Suba church have moved on to other church plants, leaving Jhon James as their full-time minister. 

Jhon James and Deisy have an eight-year-old daughter and the family is active in every aspect of the work. Deisy is active with the women and children. Jhon James is an excellent teacher and preacher, and the church is being taught to evangelize through the use of small groups. Park Avenue is honored to partner with the Gonzalez family as they continue the work of growing God’s kingdom in Suba!

Adrian & Gabriela Galvan
Paraíso, Monterrey, Mexico

17 years ago, Park Avenue was instrumental in the building of the church of Christ in Paraíso, a neighborhood in the city of Monterrey. However, the church experienced a period of turmoil and internal strife three years ago, which threatened to tear it apart. 

Fortunately, Adrian & Gabriela, a couple with a deep commitment to God and a passion for ministry, stepped up to the challenge. 

They recognized the potential of the Paraíso church and saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of its members and the wider community. With their enthusiasm and unwavering faith, they took on the responsibility of leading the church and guiding it back to a place of strength and vitality. Their mission partners in Monterrey include Mario Pepe Torres, who Park Avenue has supported for 8 years. With the help of the Galvans and their fellow mission partners, the Paraiso church is on its way to thriving once again. 

Grace Offering Breakdown of Funds