Our sympathy is with the Henry family after the passing of James Olen Henry, brother of Bettye Plehn and brother-in-law of Bettye Henry, who passed away on October 31.
Our sympathy is also with Lisa Allen and her family after the passing of Darrell on Thursday, November 5. Arrangements are pending at this time.
Fifth Sunday
November 29 is a fifth Sunday. That day we will have an additional contribution to go toward the debt reduction on the Family Life Center.
Budget 2021
We are currently putting together the 2021 budget. If you have a budget request please submit your request to the church office by December 1.
Ladies Gift Exchange
Join us for a gift exchange on Monday, Dec. 7 at 6:00 PM in the Atrium. Bring a $10 wrapped gift. Bring a friend! We are taking the following precautions to keep everyone safe:

  • Wearing masks except when eating
  • Social distancing
  • Denise is making her Christmas sugar cookies that will be individually wrapped, we will just be having this special dessert with coffee, tea, hot cocoa, & hot apple cider, so eat dinner before you come
  • We will use hand sanitizer before eating and before touching gifts.

This will be a safe, fun evening and we hope that you will make plans to attend. If you have any questions, please talk to Amyee McAlister.

Toys for Tots
Attention Discipleship Making Community Leaders! If your group is sponsoring a family that needs toys this Christmas, please contact the church office by no later than December 4 with the family name, gender and age of each child. 
Meals on Wheels

We are looking for volunteers to help with meals on wheels during the month of December (Tuesday-Friday only). If you can help please indicate that on your communication card this morning along with the dates you are available. Any questions please contact Basil McClure.
Youth Ministry
Sunday Night November 8: Park Avenue youth will meet at the McAlister’s House (675 Yellowjacket Rd) from 5:30-7:30pm. If your student needs a ride the small bus will leave at 5:15pm from the church building. Dinner is provided. Please bring a lawn chair. 
Sunday Night November 15:
Park Avenue Youth will meet at the Handle’s House from 5:30pm-7:30pm (More details to come) 
Sunday Night December 6: Park Avenue Youth Parents Meeting in the Youth Suite from 5-5:30pm. 

Men's Conference - December 4-5
Register at

Social Media & Online Presence
This year has called us to be more and more reliant on our technological presence and Park Avenue has seen several developments in that area. We have gained many new followers on our social media outlets as we have leveraged the internet to communicate information and deliver content to church members as well as the  community at large. There’s no doubt that our digital impact will need to continue to increase as we carry out the command to make disciples. Naturally, we never can or will neglect or dismiss the power of face-to-face interactions, but we must continue to be present where people are—and that’s increasingly online. If you haven’t already, please like and/or follow PACOC’s social media outlets. Be a frequent visitor to our website. Download the church app. Create an account on our new Church Management System. Share our social media post with your friends. We’re here to help you in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!
Good Morning and welcome to our worship services today. In our  sermon time we will continue our journey through the Gospel of John. This week’s stop will be chapter 6—the feeding of the 5,000.

This miracle must have made quite an impression on the early disciples as this is one of the few events that are recorded in all four Gospels.  Strange, because this miracle really ends up not creating many, if any, new followers of Jesus. There is the initial surge in Jesus’ popularity but after he settles them all down and starts talking about the spiritual meaning of bread they quickly lose interest. They seem to be more interested in the political ramifications of having a messiah /king who can feed thousands on a small budget. Jesus has no interest in that. He appears to have no desire to run for office, no calling for power, no political aspirations whatsoever.

This may, and maybe even must, be a lesson for us American Christians just coming through a contentious political season. We still don’t even know who has won this election, but one thing is for sure—Jesus was not on the ballot. Jesus didn't win or lose because he was never in the running. Jesus removed himself from any of this talk about being king and I don’t suppose he’s changed his mind.

Although this miracle seems not to create any new disciples, it does seem to be an important faith building experience in the lives of the 12. No doubt, as they will be charged with continuing the mission of their master they will find themselves in similar situations. They will experience times when the need seems impossible to meet. They will experience times when their resources seem far too meager for the task at hand. Their faith will be challenged, but this story will be an ongoing reminder that their responsibility is not to meet the need, but to offer what little resources they have (or can find) and trust that the Lord will provide. And not only provide, but provide in abundance.

This also may be at the heart of what Jesus is trying to teach in this sign. We will always come up short of satisfying other's needs as well as our own, and our only hope, both publicly and personally, will be to find the inexhaustible supply of bread that is Jesus himself.

This is very much the same lesson he taught the woman at the well. He is living water. He is living bread. The necessities of life are abundantly found in Jesus.

There is no one else who can satisfy like Him. No political entity. No fame. No amount of  money. No anything. Nothing at all. Everything else leaves us hungry and thirsty.

I suspect that may be the root of some people’s (and I include myself), unease and even anxiety as we live through this election. In a very similar way I am wanting to make Jesus king (or we might substitute president) believing that political power will fill me. My candidate or my party winning an election is not the bread that fills. And if it’s not political power, we can all name a hundred other ways we try to find fulfillment outside of Jesus. Nicodemus thought is was legalism. The  Samaritan woman thought is was men. Many Jews thought it was miracles. Each of us are tempted to find our own substitute.

What’s yours? What are you looking for to satisfy you? If it’s not Jesus then the belly of your soul will always be rumbling for more.