Thank You

Thank you for all the cards and well wishes over the last few weeks. We love and miss everyone. God bless you all,  Bob & Nancy Richard
Meals on Wheels
We are looking for volunteers to help with meals on wheels during the month of December (Tuesday-Friday only). If you can help please indicate that on your communication card this morning along with the dates you are available. Any questions please contact Basil McClure.
Ladies Gift Exchange—December 7
Bring a $10 wrapped gift and a friend! This will be a safe, fun evening. We will practice social distancing, wear masks (except when eating), use hand sanitizer before eating and before touching gifts. We will serve a special Christmas dessert (individually wrapped cookie) prepared by Denise McAlister along with hot cocoa & hot apple cider, tea and coffee so please eat dinner before you come. We hope you will make plans to attend.  Please see Amyee McAlister for questions.  

NTFB Mobile Pantry
The North Texas Food Bank Mobile Pantry will be here tomorrow from 10-12. Contact Jimmy Elmore if you would like to volunteer.
The Church Office

The church office will be closed Thursday, November 26 and Friday 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Budget 2021
We are currently putting together the 2021 budget. If you have a budget request please submit your request to the church office by December 1. Contact Blake Smith or the church office if you have nay questions.
Community Thanksgiving Service
Join us tonight at Trinity Lighthouse Church for our annual Community Thanksgiving service at 6 PM.
Youth Ministry
Sunday Nov. 22: We will have a movie night in the Gym from 6:30-8:30 PM.
Sunday Dec. 6: Youth Parents Meeting in the Youth Suite from 5-5:30 PM. 
Sunday Dec. 13: Youth and Families Service Project Day! More details to come!
Men's Conference - December 4-5
Register at

Debt Reduction Sunday - November 29
One casualty of 2020 has been our 5th Sunday Debt Reduction Contributions.   Given the circumstances we have not offered any of these special giving opportunities, but this month we will. Sunday, November 29 is the last Fifth Sunday of 2020 and we will  designate our entire contribution that week to apply to the mortgage of the Ark. Please give generously as we accelerate the payoff date.
Betty Clark, James Hawk, Kathy Pryor, Roy Galyon, Gary Dodd, Brett Moore,  Peggy Parkey, Dewey Martin, Bob Corley, Sandra Aynes, Arlene Joines & Family, June Washburn, Nancy Richard
Ongoing Needs
Jim & Jane Scroggins, Terry Waggoner, Pat Ardis, Kay Skelton, Lisa  Cobble, Bobby & Peggy Slaughter, Sandra Thomas,  Larry Long, Corky Armstrong,  Judy Shelton, Mary Pope, Gene Stogner, Kimberly Pendergrass, Kaile Williams (Norris)
Barbara Corbett, Ray & Marsha Jones, Chris Keene, JD Huffman
Hammer & Dela Afakule (Togo), Mario “Pepe” Torre (Monterrey, Mexico)

Friends of Park Avenue
AJ Atherton (friend of Linda Tollison), Rebekah Taylor (great niece of the Russells), Becky Sanchez (wife of Gil Sanchez,  Director of orphanage in Mexico), Betty & Misty (family of Pat Chandler)

Good Morning and welcome to our worship services today.

We’ve made it to Thanksgiving!  Well, almost.  These days you never want to assume. As with just about everything else this year, our celebrations will look a little different, but even a pandemic cannot stop our giving of thanks for the blessings we have in Christ.

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims arriving on the shores of Massachusetts. It was 1620 when they made the treacherous journey across the Atlantic.

Having been raised not far from Plymouth I have always been especially intrigued by these early settlers. In addition to that, years ago my maternal aunt did an extensive genealogy of our family and it was found that I am actually a descendent of one of the passengers on the Mayflower (so are about 25% of all New Englanders). Constance Hopkins, my great-grandmother many times over, sailed with her father, mother, and siblings.

That first year in America was not unlike 2020. In fact it was much worse. They arrived just before winter and winters in New England are not real conducive to setting up home. Their supplies dwindled quickly, sickness spread like wild-fire, and nearly half of the Mayflower passengers died of disease.

The survivors didn’t have it much better. They lived in constant fear of the reception they would receive from the Native Americans.  They did manage to make some degree of peace with a local chief and eventually were assisted by the   natives in agricultural techniques.

In the fall of 1621 they were able to enjoy the fruits of their first harvest. They survived that first year.

That was the cause of celebration—they survived! They had made it through the dark days of that first year, and, having made it through the darkness, the light seemed so much brighter and warmer.

We have seen some dark days this year. 2020 has been a shipwreck of sorts. But we have survived and for that we can be grateful. But much more than that we as believers live in the light. This world has always had and always will have its share of darkness, but we live in the light. So even through disease, death, sickness, and pandemic we can live thankful lives for the light that shines through the darkness.

And we have in our sight better days ahead. For we are pilgrims as well. We are on our own journey through perilous waters and often find ourselves on dangerous shores. But we live in hope that the feast is coming. We live in trust that the captain of our souls will lead us to our new home. We live in hope that one day the darkness will be vanquished by the pure and unwavering light. And for that, we give thanks.