Our sympathy is with the family of James and Debbie Hawk at the passing of James’ father, John Hawk, from Savoy, TX. Memorial services are pending.  

Please also keep the family of Shelby and Amy Sumpter in your prayers at the passing of Shelby’s mother, Judith Sumpter on August 15. A memorial service will be held on Saturday the 20th.  

Upcoming Wednesdays

  • Wednesday, August 24: End of Summer Cook Off. Our ministers will treat us to a cook out of hot dogs and hamburgers. Join us in the courtyard at 6 PM for food and fellowship! The church will provide sides, drinks, and desserts as well, and request a small donation.
  • Wednesday, August 31: Praise Night. Join us in the worship center at 6:30 for another night of praise and prayer. We will reflect on the summer and look forward to what God has in store for Park Avenue this fall and beyond!
  • Wednesday, September 7: PAWS will resume, and new DMCs will begin! DMC signups will be August 28 and September 4. Be prayerfully considering how being in community can help win the war in your heart.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Guests and new members are invited to stay after service on Sunday for a “Let’s Get Acquainted” lunch with our ministry staff and elders.  

Parent & Church Commitment Sunday

Sunday, August 28 is Parent and Church Commitment Sunday, a day where we honor our families with new babies and pledge to assist them in their children’s spiritual upbringing.  

Volunteer Opportunities

  • We have a need for Bible class teachers and assistants for this Fall! Children in classes, especially Wednesday nights, need volunteers to mentor them. Please contact Rachel McClure at 903-624-6156 to volunteer.
  • Our PAWS meals will start back on September 7. To volunteer to help, text PAWS SETUP or PAWS CLEANUP to 844-931-1822, or sign up on the app.
  • On the 4 home game Fridays this fall, we will host the DISD female athletes for “Lady Jacket Breakfast.”  Volunteer to help cook or clean up at  

Youth Ministry

  • Sunday Aug. 21st: Park Avenue Youth Parents’ meeting 5-6pm in the youth suite! Students are invited and we will have a combined worship during this time.
  • Sunday Aug. 28th: Sunday Night Connect officially kicks off with our connect groups!  

Mary Martha Ladies’ Class

The Mary Martha class will resume September 7 and meets every Wednesday at 10 AM in the Atrium. They will be studying "Life Lessons from the Books of I and II Samuel."


Prayer List—Marsha Jones, Mike & Barbara Hardy, Debbie Black, Kim Pendergrass, Peggy Clark, Charla Hinson, Vicki Ard, Bettye Henry  

Ongoing Needs—Chris Reinsch, Shawn Landrum, Larry Long, Corky & Linda  Armstrong, Sandra Aynes, Bobby & Peggy Slaughter, Kaile Williams (Norris), Roy Galyon, Karen Brode, Bob Gower, Jim Scroggins, Patrick Mullins, Ernie & Kathy Sturch  

Homebound—Ray & Marsha Jones, JD Huffman, Dewey & Joyce Martin  

Expectant Mothers—Ashley Briscoe, Brittni Calvert, Alissa Cope  

Missions—Hammer & Dela Afakule (Togo), Mario “Pepe”  Torre (Monterrey, Mexico), Jimenez family (Cartagena, Colombia), Cristian & Ana Corrales (Bucaramanga, Colombia)  

Friends of Park Avenue— Lynn McKee, Robert Hampton, Joyce Kane, Watkins family, Drena Engler, Carl Kirvin, Craig Dennis (former member), Rebekah Taylor (great niece of the Russell’s), Becky Sanchez (wife of Gil Sanchez, Director of orphanage in Mexico), Melba Ballou (former member), Greg Oliver (father of Karee Earnhart), Bill & Wanda Young (friends of Corky & Linda Armstrong)

Please notify the church office at for updates to the prayer list.


Good morning and welcome to our worship. To all our guests, we are glad to have you with us. Members and guests, please complete a digital communication card that can be accessed on the church app or by scanning the QR code below.

This morning we will go to another Parishioner's Pick. Today’s passage is another familiar one, Romans 12:1-2. It’s a passage that calls for the transformation of the believer. There are stages to our life in Christ. One is often referred to as justification—that moment in time when we are acquitted of our sins at conversion. That point in time begins a lifelong process of what is often referred to as sanctification. We become more like Jesus. We become more sanctified or holy. It’s this stage of our life when we go deeper and deeper in the truths of what the Gospel is all about and that deepness changes us. I think it’s this stage that Paul is taking about in Romans 12 when he urges us to be transformed. The sad thing is that transformation doesn't take place naturally because we still live in a sin-infected world that is working against that transformation. As long as we live in this world we feel the pressure to conform to its way of thinking and living. So, here we are. Wanting to be transformed by God while the world is trying to conform us to it.  What are we to do? How can we transform instead of conform? That will be our discussion today.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 2 for the celebration in recognition of paying off the Ark. It’s been quite a while since we have had a congregational-wide celebration like this, so I hope everyone plans to stay. Park Avenue has a rich history and, by the mercy of God, a bright future.

This Wednesday is one of my favorite Wednesday nights of the year—our annual Ministers’ Cookoff. Come enjoy some burgers and hotdogs and watch the ministers sweat it out over the grill. Years ago, one of our members nicknamed me “Never-sweat.” Preaching is not normally a physically demanding occupation but Minister’s Cookoff is a reminder that even minsters sweat. The church will provide all the food, so you don’t need to bring anything but a small donation. If you want to eat outside, bring a chair and if you want to bring an outdoor game of some sort, feel free to do that. We will start serving at 6 PM.

Disciple Making Communities will be resuming in full force this September. We are so glad that you are here on Sunday mornings to worship as a family, but we all know that we need smaller, intimate communities to develop the spiritual relationships that also serve our desire to transform rather than conform. Please consider a DMC this fall.

So glad you have made it here today. May our hearts be open and receptive to what God has for us this morning. Never let worship be a ritual. Rather, make it a time where you hear from God in a  special way. He wants to speak truth to you. Listen.    

Sunday Schedule

Adult Bible Class - 9AM Atrium

Worship - 10:00 AM

Children Dismissed to Bible Classes at - 10:45-11:30AM

Babies and 2 & 3 Year Olds -Nursery Area

Pre K-6th Grade—Family Life Center

Youth Group Activities - 5:30-7:30PM  

Discipleship Making Communities (DMC’s) Meet at various times and locations. Contact Lantz Howard for more information, or sign up at  

Park Avenue Church of Christ

3000 S. Park Avenue, Denison, TX 75020