Thank You’s
My sincere thank you for the prayers before, during, and after my surgery. Also, thank you for the beautiful cards, and kind notes you wrote me. That made me smile. God bless each of you, Love, Daisy Miller
A special thank you to the Flight 56 team that came to the Barnabas Center last Sunday and helped with various food management tasks. The team members participating were Henry McClure, Javarki Johnson, Rhett Douda, Sam Mullins, Brode Clement, and Jaxon McClure. The sponsors were Rachel McClure, Jim & Rhonda McClure.  These young men were ready and willing to help; certainly a pleasure to work with. Jimmy & Karen Elmore
Share Your Story
We would love to hear the story that God has written in your life. We are looking to produce 3-5 minute videos featuring the stories of our members, to encourage the body of believers, remind us of God's faithfulness in our lives, and glorify God for all that he has done. This could be a story of your spiritual journey, the transformation Jesus has brought about in your life, or a time when God has answered your prayers. If you would be willing to share your story of God's power in your life, please fill out the form at
Youth Ministry

  • February 28: Park Avenue Youth will meet from 5:30-7:30PM in the Gym!
  • March 10: Park Avenue Youth Spring Break Fun Day in the Gym from 12-4PM. Please bring your own lunch!
  • May 16: Senior Sunday! Here is our current list of Seniors please let us know if we missed someone: Avery Encalade, Skylar Levacy, Josh Hysmith, Ashlyn Karguth, and Hailey Geist.

Save the Dates

  • Family Free Play: March 8, 1-3 PM in the Ark
  • Men’s Hiking Trip: March 26-28
  • Coin Collection: March 28
  • CASA Family Mission Trip: July 2-10
  • Christian Theater Workshop: July 19-25

Mike Morgan, Ken Washburn, Garland Nevil, Carol McClure, Daisy Miller, Mary Pope
Ongoing Needs
Jim & Jane Scroggins, Kimberly Pendergrass, Corky Armstrong, Dewey Martin, Bob Corley, Sandra Aynes, Terry Waggoner, Peggy Clark, Lisa Cobble, Bobby & Peggy Slaughter, Sandra Thomas, Larry Long, Judy Shelton, Gene Stogner, James Hawk, Kaile Williams (Norris)
Ray & Marsha Jones, Chris Keene, JD Huffman
Hammer & Dela Afakule (Togo), Mario “Pepe” Torre (Monterrey, Mexico), Jimenez family (Cartagena, Colombia)
Friends of Park Avenue
Rebekah Taylor (great niece of the Russells), Becky Sanchez (wife of Gil Sanchez,  Director of orphanage in Mexico), Kathy Hill (friend of Chris & Candsis Slaughter)
Good morning church. As we gather this Sunday we have over 20 couples who are on the Marriage Retreat in Ardmore, OK.  How encouraging to know so many of our marriages are being fortified and strengthened. Basil & Rachel and Lantz & Jessica are among those couples. Thanks to them for their      leadership and example. We ask that you continue to pray for all our marriages and families and encourage all of our families to center their lives on Jesus and the Gospel.

In our sermon time today I will continue the series Confronting Christianity addressing some charges made against our faith. We are called to be prepared to give an answer to our hope and one challenge to our faith is the accusation that Christianity contributes to the racial injustices in our world and actually discourages diversity. This morning we will talk about how the church is in some part guilty as charged and challenge ourselves to live up to the teaching of Scripture and the example of Jesus and the early church to embrace diversity in our lives and in the life of the church. These matters can easily get heated, so let me remind you of Scripture’s mandate to give an answer with gentleness and respect.
Last Sunday evening three souls were washed clean here at PACOC. For the last couple of years a Discipleship Making Community lead by Kevin Dale and Greg Clay has been meeting in Durant and has grown into a small church of its own. They are known as The Turning Point, and last Sunday three of that group were baptized into Christ. Check out PA’s Facebook page for some pictures and more information. Praise God for the way He is working.

This week a group from Arms of Hope will be meeting with our Barnabas Center and PA leadership about the possibility of partnering with them to expand our outreach efforts. The goal is to provide services to help people break out of a cycle of dependence and establish themselves financially and emotionally. Please keep that in your prayers.

Grace Offering will be here soon. Easter Sunday, April 4, our contribution will all be designated to PA’s outreach ministries. Our goal is $157,600, approximately 8 times our weekly budget. Please be planning now on how you can give to meet this need. Daisy’s Little Red Wagon will be here the week before, March 28. Be filling up those cans.

Let us worship together our God!