Good Morning and welcome to our worship services today. The last several weeks we have been looking at the early chapters of the book of Genesis. Here’s a quick summary:
God creates. He gives man a free will. They rebel. The relationship between God and humans is fractured. God says evil will have its day but He will eventually deal with it. Mankind multiples and becomes increasing evil. God is sorry He started all this. God decides to wipe the earth clean. Noah saves the day. The Flood. Noah’s family multiples. Mankind gets too big for its britches and comes up with an idea to access heaven with a big building. God says, “Not on my watch,” and confuses the languages and disperses the people. 
All in all, things are not going so well. It appears that mankind is going to need some help if there’s any hope that God and his creation can have any hope of a relationship.

Fast forward a couple of thousand of years. In the meantime, God has been working through and with a particular group of people, the descendants of Abraham otherwise known as Hebrews or Jews or Israel. By the way, that relationship has had its share of ups and down as well. But through this people God will do omething almost as spectacular as what we saw in Genesis 1:1. In fact, after those two thousand years, one author begins a new story with the same three words that began the old story—”In the beginning.” It’s the story of a man named Jesus, one of those descendants of Abraham.

The author’s name is John. He is a student of Jesus and a rather intimate one at that. He was trained by Jesus for about three years and is convinced that this man is someone special. As he begins his story, what we call the Gospel of John, he obviously makes a connection between Genesis 1:1 and this man Jesus. He thinks it’s important that we understand who this person is because it just may be that this is the man who will right all that we have made wrong. But before he gives us any details of his life, John takes us back to the beginning. For it is there that we catch a glimpse of God’s incredible plan!

This morning we will read the introduction to John’s story of Jesus. And it’s a good one!

Sunday Morning Schedule

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North Texas Food Bank
The North Texas Food Bank is looking to extend its reach into specific communities in the North Texas area with their Mobile Pantry, one of which is Denison. Like a market on wheels, the North Texas Food Bank's Mobile Pantry program is a traveling pantry that delivers nutritious food, including fresh produce and refrigerated items, directly to communities with high need. We have been asked to partner with them and have arranged to do so on Monday,  October 19 from 9-11 am.  The Mobile Pantry will be distributing food from our West parking lot. We need 15 volunteers to help. Some lifting of boxes will be required for some volunteers.  We’ll also need some to coordinate. Contact Jimmy Elmore (903-815-4480) if you can help.  Another way we are For Texoma!
New Member
Please welcome to PACOC, Todd Detro, husband of Naomi (Encalade) Detro. Todd and Naomi were united in marriage on September 26. Contact details are 3012 Belle Avenue, Denison, 903-267-8285.
Operation Christmas Child
Pick up a shoebox from the front of the auditorium, fill and return by November 1. Please note that there is no need to include $9 shipping. The church has already taken care of shipping costs.
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We still need an abundance of candy for the Trunk 'n Treat! Please place donations of individually wrapped candy in the marked tub in the Atrium under the TV monitor. 
Baby Shower
Join us for a baby shower today honoring Melanie Truxal from 1:30-3 PM in the atrium. Matt & Melanie are having a baby girl. We are requesting that everyone wear a mask. They are registered at Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids & Sandi’s Boutique in Kelly Square.
Youth Ministry

  • October 18: No Sunday night classes for Park Avenue youth tonight.
  • Fall Schedule: Be looking for an email from Tyler with an updated schedule! 

Drive By Celebration Today
Happy anniversary to Larry & Pamela Long as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. A car train will meet at the church building today. If you would like to participate by driving by, waving and honking your horn, please be here at 2:45 PM. The train will leave at 3 PM. If you have any questions please contact Brenda Chapman at 903-815-6060. The Longs’ would also welcome anniversary cards as they celebrate this milestone!
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