Good Morning and welcome to our worship services today. In our sermon time we will continue our journey through the Gospel of John. This week’s stop will be chapter 4—the conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

The contrast between Jesus’ conversations in John 3 & 4 are curious, to say the least. Nicodemus represented the upstanding, rule-keeping Jew. The Samaritan women represented the exact opposite, a religious outsider of less-than-upstanding moral character. One of John’s intention in his Gospel seems to be to paint of picture of Jesus as everyone’s Savior. “God so loved the world” which includes people of all races, all economic backgrounds and all social classes. Jesus was willing to cross boundaries, risk rejection and scandal, and interact with any and everyone!
This means at least these two things:
(1) No matter who you are, Jesus wants to talk to you about eternal matters. No matter how smart you are or how little you know. No matter how moral you are or how immoral you are. Your intellect doesn't intimidate him and your sin doesn't appall him. You’re not too good for Jesus and you’re not too bad. Certainly, most of us fall in the range between Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman. This story reminds us that Jesus wants to talk to you. He wants to share with you the new birth and the living water. He indeed has come to save the world.

(2) As disciples, shouldn't we follow in his steps and have the same passion to share the good news with all people, regardless of what class we put them in? We need to cross borders and interact with all people. And by borders, I don’t mean just international borders. I mean any fences we put up between ourselves and others. We need to just see people—not colors or races or clothing—just people. Jesus came to wipe away the years of prejudice and contempt that had accumulated over the years. It’s good for us to do the same.
John has come to know this Jesus as everyone’s Savior. John, who was just a fisherman, learned that lesson early on. He experienced it as he followed Jesus alongside a tax-collector and a political radical. He saw how Jesus valued women, spoke words of comfort and hope to non-Jews, and ultimately gave His life for every last one of us.

Jesus loves you and calls you to love like he does.

Trunk ‘N Treat a Huge Success

This year we had to abandon our typical Fall Festival due to COVID, but planned around that with a Trunk ‘N Treat, an outdoor event that provided a safer environment for our volunteers and guests. Although the weather was a bit mischievous, it went great as we had 27 creatively decorated trunks and approximately 300 guests.
Thank you to everyone who had a role—large or small—in the first annual Trunk 'n Treat! Those who prepared hot dogs and those who distributed them, hosted trunks, security team, managed games, and those who brought candy, all helped to make it great success! Thanks to all who spread the word to friends. A special thanks to those who set up before and cleaned up afterwards! We have a great God who can even use a parking lot for His glory! 
Our sympathy is with Janet Gott and her family after the passing of Jack Gott on Wednesday, October 28.  A service will be held tomorrow, November 2 at 2 p.m. here at Park Avenue Church. Visitation is today at Fisher Funeral Home from 2-4 p.m.
Our sympathy is also with the Batts family after the passing of Ricky Batts, nephew of the late Robert Batts, who passed away Friday, October 23.
Our condolences are also with Tonya Emery after the passing of her father Horace Roberson on October 28.
Operation Christmas Child
Today is the final day for Operation Christmas Child! Flight 56 will pray over the boxes and load them up to be sent out. Thank you to all who filled a shoe box for a child! Your generosity is such an encouragement to everyone!
Thank You’s
Our Discipleship Making Communities have recently reached out to all our Denison schools to respond to needs they have. We’ve been able to help out with several of these and here are some thanks from them:
Thank you so much for your generous donation for supplies. We appreciate your generosity and your desire to invest in our students. Thanks again, Kelli Powell, Mayes Elementary
On behalf of our entire staff we would like to thank you for your generous contribution to our school. These funds will be put to great use on our students in need of  clothing and other supplies. The dedication your  members have for our school system is truly amazing. God bless each of you.
Natalie Hicks & the Mayes Elementary Staff
Thank you and your church groups so much for the generous donation to the AVID program. We have already put the expo markers to use and were able to distribute some of the dividers. We truly appreciate your generosity and support. We are blessed to be in a district with so much community support and people who continuously pray over our schools.  Dana Waddle, Denison High School

Our sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers, cards, and phone calls during our recent loss of Butch. We’re most grateful for your kind thoughts for our family. Chris Keene, The family of Butch Keene, & Ronna Keene Wagner
Thank you to all that worked on the Trunk n Treat last Sunday. It was a great idea and seemed like   everyone was enjoying it. You are special people to stay out in cold wet weather to make something so enjoyable for us.  Betty Clark
Youth Ministry

Sunday November 1: We will have dinner at 5:30pm. At 6:15pm we will go shopping for a service project to help out our local high school. We will return by 7:30pm. Parents we could use some help! Please let Tyler know if you can help.
Sunday November 8: We will be meeting at the McAlister’s House. More details to come!
Fortify Family Retreat - November 6-8
You can still register for our family retreat at Texoma Youth Camp, Pottsboro. The cost is $10 per person. Register at or in the church office.

Men's Conference - December 4-5
Register at